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mappantsyeah asked “Thanks for following! I promise to keep it 1/5 kendall. or more. haha.”

Add 1/5 Dustin and you just might become the favorite page we follow! (;

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Anonymous asked “This is the real Heffron Drive Tumblr? :O”

This Tumblr is run by HD’s Official Street Team (most commonly known as @HeffronDriveOST), who also runs the band’s Facebook page that you can ‘like’, right here:
So yes, this is an official source for Heffron Drive, but it’s not maintained by the band themselves. (:

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Anonymous asked “Does Heffron Drive have a CD out?”

Not at the current point in time- but the guys ARE working on putting together some new music for you! So as soon as time permits them to, you can expect some new tunes from the HD! :D

Posted 3 years ago
drop-dead-dear-deactivated20111 asked “Sweet you have a tumblr! I love the dedication you have for those lovely boys! :) <3”

Why thank you so very much, darlin! It means a lot! Thanks for following and joining in on the support! (:

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anythingisay-deactivated2012022 asked “This tumblr & your designs are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! You're SO talented, keep the good work! :) (This isn't actually a question, just wanted to say that :])”

Haha! Aww! How sweet of you to say! I appreciate that SO MUCH! :D
More stuff is definitely coming soon! Thanks for following! (: 

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cqgq asked “Do you know who raps in "Love Letter"? I can't figure it out haha.”

That would be Dustin Belt! He’s 1/2 of Heffron Drive!
You can check him out on Twitter HERE: @dbeltwrites